Tables are a great way to organize and display information within a post or page. There doesn’t seem to be a widget for to easily insert tables. If anyone finds out more or can offer a different method please feel free to share!

However, you could use HTML code a table, you can click the link the get some more info on coding tables in HTML.

If you don’t want to code an HTML table from scratch you can copy and paste cells of information from a program like Microsoft Excel. If you choose to copy and paste there are a few useful things to know.

WordPress is unable to copy and paste empty cells from a program like Excel. So a helpful suggestion is to first open an empty spreadsheet. Then fill in some text (even just one word) into the cells you want to copy and paste.

For example if you want a table of three columns by two rows you can fill the 6 cells of any spreadsheet with the word Hello.

  • Open a program like Excel, type text into 6 cells on the spreadsheet (enter text into cells as you would like the table to appear)
  • Once the text is in the spreadsheet you can select the 6 cells, and copy them from the spreadsheet.
  • Now switch to the WordPress post or page where you want to have the table appear. In this case I have pasted the example spreadsheet from Excel below:
hello hello hello
hello hello hello
  • Once the selected cells have been pasted into WordPress you can format the table with the content you would like to have appear on your site. Don’t forget you can also use the Text tab at the top right of your post or page to switch from the Visual editor to the Text editor (where you can see and modify the HTML code!).
  • To insert images, click to insert the cursor wherever you’d like it to appear (in this case I inserted the cursor in the top cell of the table I pasted from Excel). Once the cursor is inserted in the table, click on the Add Media button.
  • You can select an image from the Media Library, and click Insert into post. The image will be inserted into the post or page wherever the cursor was flashing.

To add more images, you can insert the cursor into other cells of the table and click the Add Media button to select the image you want to use.

Eventually your table will be filled with images, and as you can see below I used the cells below each image to include a caption for each image!

Aah Shark polar bears fox
Aaah shark! Awwww polar bears! Hahaha a fox!

Special thanks to David from our workshop who posed the question about tables, and Matthew for shedding some light on this work around. Happy WordPress editing:)


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